Apponequet Juniors & Seniors Visit the State House

Students from the Apponequet Regional High School visited the State House on Wednesday, January 11 for a State House tour with Representative Keiko Orrall. History teacher Rob Powers brought the juniors and seniors to Boston to get a first hand look at state government. Representative Orrall arranged a tour of the State House showing students everything from the Hall of Flags to the House Chambers. The State House photographer took a photo of the students with Representative Orrall and Senator Michael Rodrigues on the Grand Staircase. The students took part in a mock public hearing where they presented their case on the dangers of concussions in high school sports with recommendations for legislative action. "The students did a wonderful job with their presentation and I commend Mr. Powers for his efforts to make learning applicable and interesting. The students put a lot of work into this and now they know firsthand how the process works. I was honored to host such a bright group of students from Lakeville & Freetown at the State House." said Representative Orrall.